Government Contracts

DUN & Bradstreet: 040181633

CAGE Code: 1VH01

NAICS Code(s): 423430 (primary), 334112, 541519



ClearShark Published List Price for Enablement Services

ClearShark Enablement Services provides highly qualified engineers that will prove to be a cost efficient part of your project.



CS-ENG-HOUR, ClearShark Engineer, Hour Rate:  $300/HOUR

CS-ENG-TS-HOUR, ClearShark Engineer, Cleared-Hour Rate:  $375/HOUR


CS-ENG-DAY, ClearShark Engineer, Day Rate:  $2,400/DAY

CS-ENG-TS-DAY, ClearShark Daily Cleared Resource:  $3,000/DAY


CS-ENG-WEEK, ClearShark Engineer, Week Rate:  $12,000/WEEK

CS-ENG-TS-WEEK, ClearShark Engineer, Cleared-Week Rate:  $15,000/WEEK


CS-ENG-TRAVEL/EXPENSE, ClearShark Engineer (T&E):  $500/DAY