Enterprise Protection

Port and Protocol based security policies are only as effective as your ACL-based security model. As applications are being developed with stateful inspection & proxies in mind, they are able to easily circumvent these traditional tools to reach the end user. Layer 7 analysis and deep packet inspection are needed tools in enterprise security solutions. Allow ClearShark to harden your network by providing best in class solutions for perimeter, network and endpoint protection.

Threat Intelligence and Analytics

Threat Intelligence is needed in any organization. Whether that intelligence is self-contained or comes from a subscription based feed, there is a need to correlate that intelligence across your enterprise. ClearShark can strengthen your security framework with actionable intelligence in order to enhance your operational capabilities.

Network Visibility and Monitoring

There are a myriad of tools that claim they provide network visibility and monitoring solutions. While they may have a specific application use, integrations with your entire suite of network appliances is required to fully map and monitor your enterprise.