Datacenter & Cloud Infrastructure

LAN, WAN, and Wireless

Network infrastructure provides the connectivity to allow the delivery of voice, video, and data between Data Center and end-users, whether across a Local Area Network (LAN), Wide Area Network (WAN) or Wireless. As IT organizations move towards Cloud-based services and Virtual Desktop Infrastructures, IT organizations may find that their existing network architecture needs to be modernized in order to best support these new requirements. ClearShark has partnered with multiple vendors to provide our clients with cutting edge network infrastructure solutions that are ready to meet the challenges of today’s IT organizations.

Converged Infrastructure

Converged infrastructures provide a unified platform for compute, networking and storage resources. IT organizations utilize converged infrastructures to centralize management, consolidate systems, and lower costs. Let ClearShark aid in the development and implementation of your converged infrastructure solution.

Deployable Systems

Fly away kits are becoming more critical in incident response tasks. Through the power of virtualization, a variety of network appliances are able to work in conjunction with each other in small, discrete locations. ClearShark has helped develop deployed architectures for a variety of use cases.