Enterprise Storage

Primary and Secondary Storage

Your end-users expect responsiveness and availability from their mission critical applications.  We will assist you with gaining maximum performance while achieving unmatched efficiency and up-time.

ClearShark’s engineers can help you realize the greatest I/O for your budget with caching technology that combines the performance of Flash and SSD, with lower cost density drives. With automated tiering you will maximize your return on investment by ensuring access to your most important data quickly, while minimizing your costs for long-term storage.

Continuity of Operations/Disaster Recovery

Simplify the process of protecting and restoring your mission critical applications with a Continuity of Operations (COOP) framework that tightly integrates your infrastructure with your most vital functions. We will help you guard against unplanned outages with an efficient replication strategy that leverages de-duplication to reduce both capacity consumption and network usage.

ClearShark can also assist you with WAN optimization tools to fully realize a complete COOP solution.


Regardless of the amount of data you are required to back up, ClearShark will help you focus on what matters most – recovery point objectives. Should the need arise, your ability to recover data in a sufficient amount of time becomes your primary objective. Our goal is to help you retain as much of your secondary data on disk, for as long as possible to achieve faster recovery times. We will help you realize complete backups in minutes with disk-to-disk backups. In cases where tape cannot be eliminated, ClearShark can help you deploy a D2D2T solution that adds the speed and efficiency of Snapshot copies and replication technology. This can now be integrated to fit seamlessly with your existing backup software to maximize recovery time from disk with the efficiency of long term tape archival.